Offset printing is a technique whereby ink is spread on a metal plate with etched images, then transferred to an intermediary surface such as a rubber blanket, and finally applied to paper by pressing the paper against the intermediary surface.

Offset printing is most cost effective when producing large volumes of high-quality documents. Although the set-up costs are relatively high, the actual printing process is relatively inexpensive which makes this a cost effective solution when printing in large volume.

To produce an offset print job, custom plates need to be made of your artwork. This can be done using your electronic file or a high-resolution paper printout, which can then be photographed to create film. Nowadays, most plates are made from of your electronic file.

If you have a high-quality print job that you need printed in large quantity, offset printing is the best choice. Generally if your quantity is 500 pieces or less the most cost effective print method is to digitally print your materials.

If interested, come to Clear Print and see how an offset press works. We have four offset presses, each with their own specialties, which we use to produce a variety of jobs. We are located in Chatsworth, close to Sun Valley, Sylmar, Pacoima, Santa Clarita, Burbank and Glendale.  Or you can call and ask for one of our Account Representatives, who’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. 818-709-1220.

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