A die is a custom made tool (usually a steel blade) used to completely or partially cut, shape or cut-out a variety of shapes on a sheet of paper.

Die cutting is done after the sheets have been printed, and its purpose is to create a custom printed product. Here are ways to use die cutting in your print project.

Some examples of items that are die-cut are:

  • Pocket folders
  • Business cards with rounded corners
  • Custom shaped greeting cards (as in the case of a pumpkin-shaped card)
  • Brochure with slits to hold a business card
  • Door hangers
  • Embossed areas
  • Debossed areas
  • Foil stamped areas
  • Sheet of stickers/labels

Some items (like door hangers, certain pocket folders, etc) are very common and thus the die has already been made. If your piece is unique, then a custom die may need to be manufactured.

Once your item has been printed, it will be die-cut and the pieces then are stripped out of the sheet.  (The die cut part is held in the sheet with nicks that are put in the die. This is needed so the piece does not fall out in the press once it is die cut.)

With die cutting you are almost limitless in what you can create, which gives you the flexibility to be unique and think outside of the box.

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