USPS is offering a 3% Discount on Your Postage with Use of QR Codes on Your Direct Mail Piece.

This Mobile Barcode Promotion runs July 1, 2011, through August 31, 2011.
For a limited time, the United States Postal Service™ is offering business mailers an upfront 3% discount on First-Class™ and Standard Mail letters and flats that include a mobile (Quick Response) barcode. The following rules apply:

  • Mobile barcodes [QR Codes] must be two-dimensional and readable by a mobile smartphone.
  • Mailing documentation must be submitted electronically, and mail must be sent with postage paid through a permit imprint.
  • All mail pieces in a postage mailing statement must contain a mobile barcode.
  • With the exception of the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) full-service discount, only one incentive per mailing will apply.
  • The objective of the two-dimensional mobile barcode on eligible mail pieces must be to initiate interaction with consumers via mobile smartphones to market, promote, or educate. Two-dimensional barcodes used for other purposes – such as internal corporate operational processes, or postage evidencing – are not eligible for the discount.
  • Mail must be tendered for acceptance during the promotion period, July 1, 2011, through August 31, 2011.

For more information and help in getting the discounts, contact your Sales Representative at Clear Print: (818) 709-1220 or

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