Today’s Low Mail Volume = Opportunity
With the overall economy still down and with so many companies moving their marketing efforts online, mail volume has dropped tremendously. The resulting empty mailboxes present a unique opportunity. While competition to get noticed in email in-boxes just keeps growing, a well-crafted direct mail program is now far more likely to garner attention than before.

The Advantages of Direct Mail

While both “snail mail” and email allow for targeted marketing, direct mail has some distinct advantages:direct mail piece

1. High Delivery Rates – If your mailing list is current, nearly all of your direct mail will get delivered. Email, on the other hand, must get past spam filters, service provider issues and more.

2. High Readership Rates – While many people review their email inboxes with their fingers on the “delete” button, studies show that 80% of consumers will at least scan the direct mail they receive.

3. Nearly Limitless Format Options – Direct mail offers virtually unlimited formatting options, from postcards and envelopes (of all sizes and colors) to mailing tubes and boxes.

4. Much More Space – With direct mail you have as much space as necessary to tell your story and deliver a compelling message in one package. You can include letters, brochures, coupons, photos, DVDs, product samples, small promotional items and more.

5. Extreme Personalization – It is now possible to personalize every element of a direct mail package, without the expense of multiple print runs. For example, you can create a 4-color brochure in which everything from the text to the photos are personalized based on particular fields in your database.

The bottom line: with so much less competition, now’s the time to consider adding direct mail to your marketing mix.

Is Direct Mail Effective?

Yes! According to a study by Exact Target[1], 65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as a result of direct mail.

Other studies indicate that many of these purchases may be made online. For example, a study by the Direct Marketing Association [2] found that 78% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately, compared to just 45% who say they deal with email right away. When they receive direct mail from a brand that they’re interested in, 44% visit the brand’s website and 34% search online for more information about the product.

Charitable organizations find direct mail particularly effective as well. A November 2013 study by YouGov[3] found that direct mail is the strongest tactic for donations (aside from donating to a regularly supported charity). In this survey, 21% of respondents cited direct mail solicitations as the prompt behind their most recent gift, as compared to just 6% who responded to pleas on social media.

[1] Exact Target, Channel Preference Study, 2012.[2] UK Direct Marketing Association, “From Letterbox to Inbox 2013.”[3] YouGov, “YouGov Giving Report 2013.”

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