A self mailer is any mail piece that the Post Office will mail without the need to put it in an envelope. These include postcards, jumbo postcards, folded flyers and other folded mailers with more than one panel. Some have tear-off Business Reply Cards or BRCs.

Many people ask, “Why should I mail? I have a website and I can email for free.” Here are some good reasons:

Reach your intended customer. A good self mailer will be seen—if only for that moment it takes the recipient to decide to read it or toss it. If it’s well designed your offer will be read.

Do self mailers really work? Yes! Ever notice the same company’s mailers in your mailbox over and over? They have a successful campaign which brings in more revenue than it costs to print and mail. Otherwise they wouldn’t continue to mail, right?

Return on investment. With the right offer you can put money in your pocket after printing, mailing and postage. Sometimes a LOT of money!

Self mailers are affordable. We print your entire mailer on a single sheet of paper, fold it (or not) and you’re ready to mail. You won’t have to print a number of pieces and then stuff them into envelopes. Forget about creating sales letters, separate reply devices, second letters and so on. Costs can mount quickly with an envelope mailer.

Self mailers also work for Business-to-Consumer (B to C). Since there’s no envelope to tear open you have a good chance to attract attention, interest the reader and deliver the message. A picture and headline which go together clearly communicate one enticing message. Well-written copy with more photos or illustrations rapidly delivers your message.

Make a good offer.
The offer or “call-to-action’ must be clear and compelling. Include a coupon, offer a discount or announce a special sale. Or direct the recipient to your website for more info and a special offer. Give them one thing to do and a good reason to do it.

Mailing Lists
A good list targets people who are the most likely to want your product or service. We can sort by most any demographics you can imagine: age, gender, income, fields of interest, locations, purchasing patterns, single, married, children, fitness, sports, etc., most anything at all.

For maximum response rate and a good ROI on your next direct mail project, please call (818) 709-1220 or email sales@clearprint,com. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Clear Print serves Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and most of Southern California.

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