Announcement envelopes (also known as A-Style envelopes) were designed for use with matching text and cover papers. They typically have a square flap and can be purchased in a wide range of colors and textures. They’re often used for invitations, thank-you cards, personal and business stationery (to create a unique look), smaller brochures, booklets, etc.

announcement envelope sizesA great feature is most announcement envelopes have matching text and cover weight papers. Some are available with a deckled edge, which is a ragged or feathered edge. This gets its name from the frame (called a deckle) used in papermaking.

Announcement envelopes can be printed in black, PMS or full-color formats. Clear Print has a Heidelberg press which prints on ready-made announcement envelopes in 1 – 5 colors, and all in one pass so the colors have tight registration. Our shop is one of a few with this capability.

Here’s a list of common Announcement Envelope sizes.

A-2 Envelope Size: W: 5.75, H: 4.375 Enclosure Area: W: 5.5, H: 4.125

A-6 Envelope Size: W: 6.5, H: 4.75 Enclosure Area: W: 6.25, H: 4.5

A-7 Envelope Size: W: 7.25, H: 5.25 Enclosure Area: W: 7, H: 5

A-8 Envelope Size: W: 8.125, H: 5.5 Enclosure Area: W: 7.875, H: 5.25

A-10 Envelope Size: W: 9.5, H: 6 Enclosure Area: W: 9.25, H: 5.75

Slim Envelope Size: W: 8.875, H: 3.875 Enclosure Area: W: 8.625, H: 3.625

Please stop by to see sample envelopes with their matching text and cover weight papers. We also have printed samples, too, in black, Pantone colors and full-color.

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