Postcards are one of the most affordable print marketing items and are available in a wide range of sizes, types of paper and coatings.

The most common stocks are: 100lb Gloss Cover, 14 pt & 15 pt coated 2-side paper (aka C2S). But postcards can be printed on most any stock as long as it meets minimum thickness requirements at the Post Office. We have this info on file.

Since postcards are small, we can fit many on one sheet of paper. Depending on your project, we can print your postcard with other companies’ cards – and by sharing the press sheet, you also share the cost, which brings your price down considerably. You get your postcards printed cheap.

Postcards are most often done in full color. The common coatings for postcards are High Gloss UV on one or two sides, Gloss and Matte AQ Coating on two sides or no coating (if done digitally).  The UV coating is very shiny, but it’s not imprintable if you plan to inkjet your mailing addresses.  However our imprintable Gloss and Matte AQ coatings are perfect for addressing. Often customers will choose a Gloss UV coating for the front, and no coating on the back.  You can also choose a spot UV coating to highlight different photos or design elements on your postcard.

Postcards can even be die-cut into a specific shape.  They can have unique ink colors (metallic silver, gold and fluorescent inks to name a few). They can be flat, folded or even perforated. There are a lot of options.

Some of the most popular postcard sizes are:

4 x 6
4.25 x 6
5 x 7
5.5 x 8.5
6 x 9
6 x 11

For a quote please call, email or click “Request a Quote.”  We have many samples of printed postcards with the various coatings, bindery and ink options available if you’d like to see them.

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