Our clients have been labeling us the best in the business when it comes to creating and printing custom designs for their products. Here’s why.

We print digital labels in full color which is ideal for short runs of as few as 500 or as many as 20,000 depending on the size. We print flexo labels in run lengths up to 250,000 or more. Flexo can be one-color, two-color or full-color process. Spot colors such as metallics, or even fluorescents are also available. Decorative options include foil and embossing. Labels can be coated or laminated in gloss or dull finishes. Large labels of almost any size can be printed on our offset presses in up to six colors and coated with gloss or matte protective coatings. Depending on the customer’s needs, labels are provided on rolls or flat sheets. Either can be machine-applied or applied by hand. Most labels are also imprintable by the customer so they may add bar codes, product codes, etc.

Outdoor labels are both weather-resistant and fade resistant. We print on paper, vinyl, Mylar and other substrates.

Clear Print is an excellent source for expanded content labels also known as booklet labels. These feature fold-out booklets or paper sheets for maximum content.

Color, shape, texture, and style help differentiate a company’s product packaging. We deliver consistent quality using accurate, precise densitometer and spectrophotometer readings. These steps ensure color uniformity within a job and from run to run.