There are many ways to reach people today: email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, traditional mail, printed media, promotion items and more.

Unfortunately you can’t rely on just one channel.

In today’s world you need multi-channel marketing techniques. As in the end, to get your sale, it all depends on getting the message to the right person, through the channel that is best for them at the correct time.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

A recent Experian survey showed that 88% of respondents plan to integrate three or more channels in their marketing campaigns. Not surprisingly, the best results often come when multiple channels are used synergistically with one message integrated across various media. But what might come as a surprise by some is that print is still a valuable part of the multi-channel marketing mix.

For example, as reported in Adweek and the Wall Street Journal, a growing number of e-commerce sites are now adding printed catalogs to a multi-channel marketing mix that typically also includes email, display ads, social media and more. These retailers have apparently discovered what others knew: Print catalogs help boost online sales.

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Clear Print is a graphic design, marketing, and commercial printing company that provides multi-channel marketing services to a variety of industries ranging from fashion to personal care, health, home improvement and more. We recently produced a successful direct mail campaign for an apparel company that reactivate former customers and provided a positive ROI.

You can read more about how to get results with a multi-channel approach here.

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