Multi Channel Marketing, also referred to as cross channel marketing, is all about reaching out to your prospects and customers in the ways they want to be reached and communicated with.

The Basics

Multi Channel Marketing is interacting with customers utilizing a combination of communication channels from websites, to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc.), retail stores, mail order catalogs, direct mail, email, mobile, etc. The purpose is to enable your prospects and customers where and when they want to be communicated to, using the channel of their choice so they take positive action–preferably to buy your product or service.

Why is a Multi Channel Approach Important?

Smart marketers know they must be where the customers are. Think about it. When you want to buy a product or service what do you do? Internet research on Google or YouTube? Ask friends and family for recommendations? Do you visit stores, perhaps? Do you notice mail about the purchase you plan to make? Do you look at brochures, catalogs or other product literature? Most people do. Thanks to the quantity of available channels, customers have more choices than ever when it comes to how they reach out to get information. As marketers we have to be where they have their attention, when they have it there.

Sure we all have websites. But except for travel, books and music the web is not really a selling channel. Web sites without a catalog, TV, radio, print ads or direct mail promotion that DRIVE people to visit the site seldom build much new business. Your company website is a channel for your customer to interact with you after they have ALREADY been stimulated by other mediums (Google ad, TV ad, radio ad, newspaper ad, flyers, brochures, direct mail campaign, etc.).

For most companies, the best ways to reach out and attract customers are through direct mail, search engine optimization (SEO), paid target ads and others forms of advertisement working together hand-in-hand with intelligent use of social media.

SAS, a leader in Multi Channel Marketing, has a good introductory video on the subject (shown below) and also available here on the SAS site.

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