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Label Printing – Frequently Asked Questions

Are your labels sustainable?2023-02-28T18:21:38-08:00

Yes. Wherever possible, we use vegetable-based inks. Most paper label liners are recyclable and film liners are getting better with improved liner recycling processes now available.

Do you design product labels?2023-02-28T18:21:42-08:00

Yes, our experienced designers will help you design product labels for any type of packaging. If needed, we can help with product photography, illustrations, technical drawings and other creative design elements to create finished print-ready artwork.

Do you do product labels for jars and bottles?2023-02-28T18:21:40-08:00

Yes. We are experienced at producing labels for jars and bottles in many industries, including food, health and beauty, cosmetics, vitamins, household cleaning, chemicals and more. Some of the factors that influence the design and printing process for your label include the industry, the end use of the product, and relevant laws and regulations.

Do you do waterproof product labels for bottles and jars?2023-02-28T18:21:25-08:00

Yes. We work with you to select the right label material and coating for the product’s environment and end use.

Do you have product label samples you can send me?2023-02-28T18:21:39-08:00

Yes. Call us at 818-709-1220 to let us know the type of label samples you need. Or Contact Us here with as much detail as possible and we’ll be in touch.

Do you have product label templates available for our design team to use?2023-02-28T18:21:42-08:00

Due to the numerous laws, regulations, and types of packaging, product labels are typically customized for each client and product. With our experience producing millions of labels in many industries, we can work with you and your design team. Call us to discuss your project.

Do you make product labels for small business?2023-02-28T18:21:41-08:00

Yes. Whether you are a startup bringing your first product to market, or a veteran manufacturer with hundreds of products, we can design and print labels for all types of product packaging.

How can I make my product labels stand out?2023-02-28T18:21:39-08:00

An effective label starts with a great design that can capture consumer attention in a split second. Label design requires a knowledge of print substrates, fonts, color, layout and overall visual appeal. Good designs can then be enhanced with various print finishing techniques such as foil, embossing, and coatings. For more details on label finishes, read about 10 Print Finishes for Labels that Capture Attention.

On what kinds of products can I use your labels?2023-02-28T18:21:38-08:00

We can design and print labels for all types of product packaging in any industry.

What are the FTC and FDA labeling requirements for product labels?2023-09-29T12:02:42-08:00

The basic product label requirements for all consumer commodities requires:

  1. a statement identifying the commodity, e.g., detergent, sponges, etc.;
  2. the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor;
  3. and the net quantity of contents in terms of weight, measure, or numerical count (measurement must be in both metric and inch/pound units).

Specific regulations for foods, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics are handled by the FDA.

You can download the latest FDA food label regulations here. You can search for label requirements in drugs, cosmetics and medical devices here.

The FTC regulates all other consumer product labeling. You can search for specific FTC labeling guidance here.

Product label requirements and regulations are numerous. Be sure your product’s labeling and packaging is in compliance before committing to print.

What is the difference between flexo and digital labels?2023-02-28T18:21:39-08:00

Flexographic printing and digital printing are two different processes. Flexographic printing, also called flexo, is the reproduction of an image on a substrate via a flexible rubber or photopolymer printing plate.

Digital printing is the reproduction of an image on a substrate via electronic means, without the use of printing plates. The image prints directly onto the label material via inkjet or toner. Digital printing is used for both short and long runs.

We always select the process that gives clients the best price and fastest turnaround for each label printing project.

What is the minimum quantity of labels I can order?2023-02-28T18:21:41-08:00

Our digital label printing equipment means that we can print labels from a few hundred to millions. Because digital printing uses no plates and requires no machine set up, it keeps costs low and competitive.

However, there are many factors that influence how many labels you might want to order. For example, special finishing techniques, coatings, die cutting, embossing or foil stamping will add a level of fixed costs that would make it sensible to order a larger quantity. Call 818-709-1220 or send us label details to get the best price for your specific needs.

What is the turnaround time for labels?2023-02-28T18:21:38-08:00

Lead times are faster than other label printers—as little as forty-eight hours in some cases. You’ll get an estimated delivery date once we have details on your job.  Send label specs here and we’ll be in touch right away.

We are known for our #1 On-Time Delivery Record, according to Graphic Arts Monthly, we have not missed a fixed deadline, such as a trade show or product launch date, in over twenty years.

What types of design files do you accept for labels?2023-02-28T18:21:41-08:00

We accept Illustrator, PDF, and InDesign files for printing. File submission requirements are here. If you have a question, or need technical help, please call 818-709-1220.

When do you start production of my labels?2023-02-28T18:21:25-08:00

We’ll usually start production on your job as soon as proofs are approved and payment terms have been arranged.

Who regulates product labels?2023-02-28T18:21:40-08:00

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act directs the “Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration to issue regulations requiring that all “consumer commodities” be labeled to disclose net contents, identity of commodity, and name and place of business of the product’s manufacturer, packer, or distributor.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) administers the FPLA with respect to foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices. The FTC administers the FPLA with respect to other ‘consumer commodities’ that are consumed or expended in the household.”

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has an excellent overview of labeling requirements. It also has a helpful list of product categories and the appropriate agency that governs that category.

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