Morning-to-night business are selling products to consumers, and many of these consumers are deciding which product to buy based off the package or label on the bottle.

From hair care, skincare, cosmetics, vitamins and supplements, to cleaning products and more — many of the buying decisions are made based off the packaging your customer sees or feels.

Did you know that product packaging influences an estimated $2 trillion worth of retail purchasing each year!? One study found,

“The appeal of product packaging has the potential to trigger impulsive buying even for consumers with no intention to make a purchase.”*

In stores, packaging can be the most important decision influencer where products are displayed side-by-side, all vying for attention.

Studies in “haptics,” the science of touch, have explored how what we touch can influence our perceptions and actions.**  Merely touching an object can make a person feel possessive about it, thereby increasing the chances they’ll want to buy it.

Packaging is important for online purchases, too. According to the 2013 eCommerce Packaging Survey,*** 52% of online consumers are likely to make repeat purchases if the product comes in premium packaging…and 40% would share a picture of an online order on social media if it came in a unique, branded or gift-like box.

Ideas for Affordable Attention-Grabbing Packaging

Folding Cartons

Low-cost alternatives to SBS paperboard are “TMP” or thermal mounted pulp which is bright white, glossy on both sides, but not as strong as SBS. It’s a good option for light-weight products such as skin creams and cosmetics, lipsticks, lipgloss as well as personal care and healthcare products such as vitamins, supplements and more. “CCNB,” clay coated news back, is white on one side, gray on the other and used for the lowest-cost folding cartons.

Ink choices include 4-color process, PMS spot colors such as fluorescent and metallic ink, not to mention gold, silver or other foil colors. Coating choices which appeal to both touch and sight include “Soft Touch” satin, matte, gloss or high-gloss UV.

Corrugated Cartons

Print directly on Kraft or white-lined corrugated. For a more attractive carton, we print a glossy “litho wrap” or “box wrap” and mount that to the corrugated carton.

Product Labels

Product labels are made with coated or uncoated paper while the most durable labels are printed on white, clear or shiny silver polypropylene, “BOPP.” Attractive finish protection includes matte or gloss coatings plus various laminations. Roll labels are printed on digital and flexo label presses and may include gold, silver or other metallic foil colors.

There are many factors that influence your choices of product labels such as the size and shape of the bottle or jar, choosing a label substrate that fits the end use and environment, selecting legible fonts and clear images with the correct resolution, using appropriate color and design elements, complying with legal requirements, and choosing the right label application method.

That’s all covered in this comprehensive guide to design and production of product labels.

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