Confused about how American paper weights correspond to gsm paper weights used in the rest of the world? Here is a gsm paper weight chart which shows you the gsm weights of the most common papers.

*GSM means gram per square meter.

GSM Paper Weight Chart

There are two systems for determining the weight of paper: the North American pound rating (basis weight) and the international metric system ISO standard.

Basis Weight (North American)GSM (grams per square meter, ISO)
20lb Bond/Writing/Ledger75 gsm
24lb Bond/Writing/Ledger90 gsm
28lb Bond/Writing/Ledger105 gsm
32lb Bond/Writing/Ledger120 gsm
50lb Book/Text/Offset75 gsm
60lb Book/Text/Offset90 gsm
70lb Book/Text/Offset105 gsm
80lb Book/Text/Offset120 gsm
100lb Text150 gsm
67lb Bristol145 gsm
90lb Index165 gsm
110lb Index200 gsm
140lb Index255 gsm
65lb Cover175 gsm
80lb Cover215 gsm
100lb Cover275 gsm
130lb Cover350 gsm


As you can see, there are pairs of items that have the same weight on this list:
1 and 5 are the same (example: 20lb Bond/Writing/Ledger and 50lb Book/Text/Offset)
2 and 6 are the same
3 and 7 are the same
4 and 8 are the same

Others are similar weight:
10 and 9 are similar (example: 100lb Text and 67lb Bristol)
11 and 14 are similar weight
12 and 15 are similar weight
13 and 16 are a somewhat similar

You can read more about the differences between basis weights here.

Bond, Writing, Ledger, Offset, Bristol and Index stocks are all UNCOATED. That means they are porous sheets that will absorb ink. These are often used for letterhead or any type of form that needs to be filled out. This type of sheet is also often used to create a “natural” or “earthy” printed look.

Most book and text weight stocks are COATED sheets. Get more information in this article on coated vs. uncoated sheets.

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