A folding carton offers one of the most economical product packaging solutions.  They are a great way to display and promote products plus generate sales. These cartons can be custom-designed to securely hold most any product or a package of products.

Advantages of Folding Carton Packaging

They provide several advantages for a variety of industries: food, cosmetics, personal care, electronics, health, vitamins and more.folding carton packaging clear print

Benefit 1: Rigidity.

The paperboard that’s used comes in a variety of weights from 16 pt to 28 points thick or more to create a carton that’s structurally sound and keeps the contents secure. Your folding carton can also be made with corrugated board with attractive litho sheets mounted to provide for extra support for heavier products. These are also ideal for branded shipping containers.

Benefit 2: Creative Designs.

Using CAD workstations and plotters, packaging designers engineer folding cartons to attractively display and securely hold most any product. To enhance product visibility and maximize sales, packaging can be printed in full process color and also feature foiling stamping, embossing, debossing, gloss and satin coatings and more. Clear windows can be added to show off the contents. The inside of the folding carton can be printed with product information and user instructions. There are also product sleeves, display boxes, inserts and headers.

Benefit 3: Economical.

Flat sheets are printed, converted and usually glued at high speed. And since nearly all folding cartons are shipped flat, that makes for low freight costs.

Benefit 4: Green & Environmentally Friendly.

Paperboard is made from recycled stock and pulp from renewable and sustainable sources. Plus, most inks are vegetable-based.

Clear Print offers free CAD designs and prototypes for most product packaging requirements. Just bring in your product samples and we’ll take care of the rest with personal, expert service. Good prices too.

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