Below you’ll find useful information from the USPS website on postal requirements for folded self-mailers.

You can find the entire article at Commercial Letters, Flats, and Parcels Design Standards. Feel free to gives us a call if you have any questions or need help with designing, printing or mailing your direct mail piece.

A folded self-mailer is formed of two or more panels that are created when one or more unbound sheets of paper are folded together and sealed to make a letter-size mail piece. The number of panels is determined by the number of sheets in the mail piece and the number of times the sheets are folded.

Folded Self-Mailers Postal Requirements

a. Height: A minimum of 3-1/2 inches and a maximum of 6 inches.

b. Length: A minimum of 5 inches and a maximum of 10-1/2 inches.

c. Thickness: A minimum of 0.007 inch; (0.009 inch if the height exceeds 4-1/4 inches or if the length exceeds 6 inches); the maximum thickness is 1/4 inch.

d. Maximum Weight: 3 ounces.

e. Rectangular, with four square corners and parallel opposite sides.

f. Aspect ratio: within 1.3 to 2.5

g. Maximum number of panels: generally 12 (some exceptions).

h. Quarter-folded self-mailers made of a minimum of 70-pound book grade paper may have as few as 4 panels. Quarter-folded self-mailers made of 55-pound stock must have at least 8 panels and may contain up to 24 panels.

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