Foiled labels can enhance your product and help it move off the shelf.

Uses for Foiled Labels

Foil enhances illustrations, logos, type and other artwork. Just stroll the shopping aisles and you’ll see beautiful foiled labels and foiled packaging on the most noticeable products. Manufacturers of personal care products such as cosmetics, skin creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners use foil printing to make their products stand out from the rest. Foiled labels are also popular for packaging vitamins and supplements.foiled label on bottle

Cold Foil Label Printing

One of the most economical ways to create a foiled label is with the cold foil printing method. Cold Foil Printing is an in-line process that works on rotary label presses (both letterpress and flexographic) and uses plates instead of dies for the foil area.

Some of the advantages of cold foil printed labels are:

-Fast set-up
-Uses economical plates instead of expensive dies
-Faster running speeds
-Works on a wide variety of substrates such as films and non-absorbent papers
-Saves money on short and long print runs
-Better registration than hot stamping
-Fast turnaround time

Embossed Labels

You can further enhance foiled labels by embossing them to add dimension. Embossing is usually done with metal dies but many labels can be embossed with special plates instead. Plates cost less than dies and are faster to make, saving both time and money. You can emboss a logo, type and/or other design features. You can also do a blind emboss so the embossed image stands alone (without any printing or foil on it). This can create a very classy label.

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