File Submission


  1. Supply fonts if text is not outlined.
  2. Package Illustrator file which will collect all fonts and links used.


All PDF files must be saved as “press-ready” high-resolution files. Please include bleeds, if any.


  1. Use this file format for high-res images (4cp, grayscale b/w) only. Do NOT create artwork solely in this program.
  2. NO text, etc. should be supplied in Photoshop; please use Illustrator or InDesign for copy, spot color creations, vector art, etc.
  3. Save high-res images (4cp) in CMYK, not RGB mode. Embed or place file in appropriate program (Illustrator, InDesign, etc.).
  4. Save CMYK images no lower than 300 dpi at 100% size.


Package InDesign file which will collect all fonts and links used.


  1. Please supply file with 1/8” bleeds, if artwork has bleeds.
  2. Please verify file is complete, correct and ready to print before submitting.
  3. Please supply hardcopy or low-res PDF proof for verification of the original file’s correctness.
  4. Please spec file size, colors used and any comments or concerns regarding file supplied.
  5. Corel Draw, PageMaker and Publisher file formats are not recommended, along with any other program file formats not listed above.


E-mail, upload to our Dropbox or place on a flash drive for files over 2 gigs.


Dropbox Name: clearprint
Dropbox URL:
You can place multiple files up to 2 gigs.

Geoffrey Pick


Please call now to discuss your project.