Quark FAQs


How to collect your files for output in Quark

Click "File" and then select "Collect for Output" from the drop down menu.

The "Collect for Output" dialog box will appear. To collect everything into one file you will need to create a new folder to place all of the files into. Click "New Folder" in the lower left hand corner.

Another dialog box will appear asking you to name your new folder. Assign the folder a name and then click "Create."

After you create your new folder you will be taken back to the "Collect for Output" dialog box. At this point you should be ready to click "Save"

You will probably encounter another box warning you that you are about to copy fonts to the new folder. Read the warnings and take appropriate action. Either click "Ok" to continue and gather all the necessary fonts or click "Do Not Collect Fonts".

If Quark is aware of the location of all of the needed files your project will be successfully collected and deposited into the new folder you created. If for some reason (like you have renamed any images or simply moved them to a new location while you were working on the files) it can not locate certain images it will ask you to locate them on your hard drive before they are collected. Choose each instance of a missing file and locate it on your cpu and then update the file location. Once every missing file is located your project will be collected.

Now that you have all of your files in one place you are good to go. One additional step may be useful if you plan to email your files. Use compression software to create a zip file from the new folder for easier emails.