InDesign FAQs


How to Package your InDesign file with all the links and fonts:

Choose File > Package.

In the Book panel menu, choose Package Book or Package Selected Documents, depending on whether all, some, or none of the documents are selected in the Book panel.

Click Package to begin packaging.

Fill in the printing instructions. The filename you type is the name of the report that accompanies all other packaging files.

Click Continue, and then specify a location in which to save all packaging files.
Select the following, as needed:

Copy Fonts (Except CJK): Copies all necessary font files, not the entire typeface. Selecting this option does not copy CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) fonts.

Copy Linked Graphics: Copies linked graphics files to package folder location.

Update Graphic Links In Package: Changes graphic links to the package folder location.

Use Document Hyphenation Exceptions Only: If this option is selected, InDesign flags this document so that it doesn’t reflow when someone else opens or edits it on a computer that has different hyphenation and dictionary settings. You can turn on this option when sending the file to a service provider.

Include Fonts And Links From Hidden And Non-Printing Content: Packages the objects located on hidden layers, hidden conditions, and layers for which the Print Layer option is turned off. When this option is not selected, the package includes only what is visible and printable in the document when you create the package.

View Report: Opens the printing instructions report in a text editor immediately after packaging. To edit the printing instructions before completing the packaging process, click the Instructions button.
Click Package to continue packaging.


How to correct font errors:

The Fonts area of the Package Inventory dialog box lists all fonts used in the document—including fonts applied to overset text or text on the pasteboard, and fonts embedded in EPS files, native Adobe Illustrator files, and placed PDF pages—and determines whether the font is installed on your computer and available. Selecting Show Problems Only shows fonts that fit into the following categories:

Missing fonts
Lists fonts that are used in the document but are not installed on the current computer.

Incomplete fonts
Lists fonts that have a screen font on the current computer but not a corresponding printer font.

Protected fonts
Lists fonts that cannot be embedded in PDF or EPS files due to license restrictions.

Do either of the following:

How to repair links and images

The Links And Images area of the Package Inventory dialog box lists all links, embedded images, and placed InDesign files used in the document, including DCS and OPI links from linked EPS graphics. Images embedded in EPS graphics and placed InDesign files are not included as links in the preflight report. The preflight utility indicates missing or out-of-date links, and any RGB images (which may not separate properly unless color management is on and set up correctly).

Note: The Package Inventory dialog box cannot detect RGB images embedded in placed EPS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PDF, FreeHand files, and placed .INDD files. For best results, verify color data for placed graphics using the Preflight panel or in their original applications.

To view only problem images, select Show Problems Only in the Links And Images area of the Package Inventory dialog box.

To repair a link, do one of the following: