As the name implies, the final result of an accordion fold is reminiscent of the musical instrument.

Accordion folds are made by folding a strip of material back and forth in a zigzag pattern. The basic accordion has at least 3 panels as shown but can be designed for more panels.

accordion fold variations

Graphics courtesy of Fold Factory.

There are also variations on the accordion fold including:

  • Wrapped accordion, in which an accordion fold has a cover wrapped around it.
  • Stepped accordion in which each panel is a different size. The final folded result has the appearance of steps.
  • Waterfall accordion in which the top edge of the sheet is angled. This is accomplished by die cutting or by using custom jigs on a guillotine cutter.

The number of panels available is limited by the type of folding equipment available and the size of the panel. Some of the more complex accordion folds require hand folding.

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