A “tri-fold” refers to a type of brochure or leaflet that is folded into three sections, creating six panels for content. The term is a bit of a misnomer because there are only two actual folds but it results in three panels.

tri-fold brochure

To create a tri-fold, a sheet of paper is first divided into three equal sections, either vertically or horizontally. The left and right sections are then folded inward towards the center section, with the two outer panels “folding in” towards the center panel. This creates a compact, portable brochure or leaflet that can be easily distributed.

Tri-folds are commonly used for marketing and informational materials, such as brochures for businesses, event programs, or menus for restaurants. They are popular because they allow for a lot of content to be presented in a small, easy-to-read format. The six panels can be organized in various ways to convey information effectively, such as using the front panel for a catchy headline or image, the center panel for an introduction or summary, and the back panel for contact information or a call-to-action.

Tri-fold brochures can also be used as self-mailers when printed with an appropriate weight and thickness of paper.

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