A quarter fold starts with one horizontal fold that divides the sheet in half. Then a second perpendicular fold is added that divides the sheet in half in the opposite direction.

quarter fold or broadside fold

(Illustration courtesy of Western Trade Printing.)

This creates 8 panels that are all the same size. These panels are sometimes called pages.

In that case, a quarter-fold might be called an 8-pager, an 8-page brochure, or an 8-page signature depending on its intended use. It’s also sometimes referred to as a “broadside.”

In addition to being used as marketing and sales brochures, quarter folds are often used as “self-mailers.” With the right paper stock, they can be folded, wafer-sealed, addressed and mailed without the need for an envelope. It’s an economical yet effective format for an organization’s newsletter.

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