“Sometimes I see “10 pt” or “12 pt” paper stock listed. Is this a paper weight?”

Sometimes the thickness of Cover stock (also called Card stock) is used instead of its weight. It’s also often used in addition to its weight.

In North America, paper thickness can be displayed in points. 1 point (1 pt.) is one thousandth of an inch (1/1000″ or .001″). For example, a 10 pt. Card stock is 0.010″ thick (about the weight of a 140lb Index stock) while 12 pt. Card stock is 0.012″ thick (about the weight of a 100lb Cover stock).

Thickness is a critical factor in printing for various reasons. Postcards and self-mailers, for example, require minimum thickness paper to quality for USPS mailing.

Paper thickness also determines whether a job can be folded by machine or needs to be folded manually.

Paper board thickness is a factor in product packaging and folding cartons (unit cartons.)

When in doubt, contact us to discuss the appropriate paper thickness for your job.