Selecting the best format for a brochure is tied to the target audience demographics, budget, type of delivery method (e.g. direct mail, countertop stands, salesperson hand outs, etc.) and effective graphic arts design.

The best formatting choices happen when there is collaboration between the design team, printer, and marketer.

If you are looking for economical brochure formats, it’s best to start with traditional folds based on three common paper sizes:

  • 8.5 x 11
  • 8.5 x 14
  • 11 x 17

These sizes of paper are inventoried in nearly every commercial printing company, including Clear Print.

Most commercial printing companies also have one or more folding machines that allow them to economically produce some of the more common folds including:

Selecting any one of these folds, on any of the three common paper sizes, offers a wide range of economical, readily available brochure folding formats.

However, these are the basics. There are many more folding configurations and sizes available.

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