What can a UV coating do for me?

Looking to draw attention to your printed piece? UV coating might be the ideal finishing touch for you.

It is a matte or glossy coating applied to the press sheet after your job has printed. It is applied by a separate machine and dries almost instantaneously when exposed to UV curing lights.

The UV coating can be applied to the entire project (Flood UV), or to a particular area (Spot UV).

Here are a few reasons to use a UV coating on your project:

  1. Richer-looking colors—Gloss UV coatings make colors appear deeper.
  2. A super high-gloss finish is desired, more than can be accomplished with a gloss AQ or varnish.
  3. You want to draw attention to particular areas of your piece by having UV applied to certain photos/logos/design elements/etc.
  4. Protects against moisture.

Looking at using UV coatings to enhance your project?

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Oh…to answer the question of what does the UV stand for? It stands for Ultra Violet.