Is direct mail dead? Thanks to those who think so, mailboxes are less full now and that helps your direct mailers get noticed. Direct mail response is as good if not better than ever.

Many ask, “Why print and mail when I can email for free?”

For starters, most emails and eblasts never get past the spam filters. And people delete anything that doesn’t require a personal response. But your mailers will be seen in the mailbox or office mail tray—if only for an instant as your intended customer decides to read it or throw it mailers urgent

Split second timing. A well-designed printed direct mail piece attracts attention and shows what’s being offered in a fraction of a second. Once you have their attention you have a moment to capture interest. And once you have that, someone who’s a candidate for your product or service will read the message. Think about it? Isn’t that how you respond to junk mail?

Call to Action—tell people what to do next. For example, include a coupon and show how to redeem it. Or, “Call today for a free consultation.” The right special offer gets response. Depending on your product or service, provide a phone, fax, email, website, QR Code or Microsoft tag. (Call or email us for more information on these.)

Mail professionals know it takes at least three mailings to get noticed; more is better. How to improve direct mail response? Regular mailings. One printed mailer is a waste of money.

Get recognized by using some common elements on all your direct mail pieces. If you’re going to print and mail multiple times, make it clear you’re the same company that’s been trying to reach them, Think about it, doesn’t it capture interest when you see the same logo, photo or slogan in a direct mailer three or more times in a short time period?

For more information, check out how to boost direct mail response.

Direct mail works best when part of a coordinated marketing campaign that includes a good website and social media.

Clear Print is tops when it comes to designing and printing direct mail pieces that get response. We provide mail shop or letter shop services, too. Please call (818) 709-1220 or email Located in the San Fernando Valley, we serve Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and most of Southern California.

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