A direct mail calculator can help you answer questions about direct mail campaigns such as:

  • How often do I need to send direct mail?
  • How much does direct mail cost?
  • Are direct mail campaigns effective?

By using what-if scenarios in our direct mail calculator, you can strategically plan your direct mail campaigns.

You can also see why direct mail can be an effective, high-return use of marketing resources.

If you already have data from previous direct mail campaigns of your own, use your historical direct mail response statistics to accurately plan and budget for the coming year.

You can also use the calculator to test and optimize your current mail campaigns.

How to Use the Direct Mail Calculator

Enter your numbers in the four fields on the left (or at the top in mobile.) Be sure to input your data and hit Enter in all four fields to get your results.

Results show on the right (or on the bottom in mobile.)

Use your best estimates if you don’t have hard numbers for your Conversion Rate and Mail Response Rate.

Mail Response Rates can vary quite a bit. If you’re not sure about response rates, a conservative estimate for new, untested mailings to a cold audience is somewhere in the 1-3% range.

Scroll down below the calculator to see an example problem and explanation of the math. Of course, you can do the math on your own, but our calculator gives you instant results.


Sample Direct Mail Calculation

The math used by the calculator is explained in brackets.

Calculator Fields

Sample Results

Revenue Objective (Annually)$500,000
Average Unit Sale
[Average revenue per product or service from this campaign.]
Number of Unit Sales Required to Meet Objective250
Conversion Rate
[% of leads that become clients]
Number of Leads Needed
[# of Sales Required ÷ Conversion Rate]
Mail Response Rate
[# of mail recipients needed to get 1 lead]
Total Annual Mailing Qty.
[Number of Leads Needed X Mail Response Rate]
Mail Volume Needed per Month
[Annual volume ÷ 12]


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