In our last three blog articles, we took up several popular folding carton constructions. This blog describes some more custom designed packaging options.

Tuck Top, Open Bottom (TTOB)
Custom Designed Packaging Option A

Once popular for video boxes, this is a great for rigid rectangular-shaped merchandise. The printed sleeve will attract attention and help sell your product. Usually shrink-wrapped on the store shelf, they most often have a thumb notch on each side so the product can be easily removed and replaced for protection and convenient storage.


Box Sleeve
Custom Designed Packaging Option B

Glued sleeves are an economical way to display merchandise and gain a competitive sales edge over the competition. An added bonus is that they’re very fast and easy to load.


Sealed End Box (SE Box)
Custom Designed Packaging Option C

Sealed-End boxes are sturdy and built to run on automated high-speed sealing equipment. Not made for manual loading, these tamper-resistant boxes offer more product protection than tuck-end folding cartons. They’re ideal for many audio, video, computer and electronic products.


Pillow Packs
Custom Designed Packaging Option D

This unique shape provides great shelf appeal and is perfect for a variety light-weight items ranging from cosmetics to toiletries, skin and hair care, personal hygiene, fashion, beauty, jewelry and even fast food. To provide strength, the length must be substantially greater than the width.

Need a customized packaging solution? Just provide a product sample.

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