Often in business you and your team come up with a new concept for a product, or an upgraded version or an existing product, that requires a realistic product rendering.

These are often made in Photoshop or Illustrator and can be as simple as making changes to existing product photography (usually done in Photoshop), or creating a 3D concept (usually done in Illustrator). Either way, in the end you have a realistic product rendering to help sell your product.

We’ve done this on a small scale for one of our customers in the beauty and healthcare industry. This customer decided to add 5 new essential oils to their store and came to us to create a realistic product rendering for each new oil. We took their old photos and with Photoshop added the new label artwork to each image. This allowed them to market their new oils before the actual product was available for photography and purchase.

Recently we completed the largest realistic product rendering project yet for an apartment complex in Inglewood, California. Our customer, a real estate investment firm, acquired the property to upgrade and then offer investment shares to qualified investors, but they needed realistic product renderings to sell the project.

They had an intelligent design and needed a way to show their concept to potential investors. Three building shots and a detailed list of planned improvements were provided. Our job was to create architectural renderings to help sell the project. Our skilled Photoshop artist worked nights and weekends to complete the project on deadline and here are the results:

Image 1: Using Photoshop, removed lens distortion to straighten the leaning buildings, applied new paint, terra-cotta trim, walkways, freshened the landscaping, removed old, unsightly pipes, satellite dishes, and installed a new tile roof.

Image 2: Improvements include new paint and trim, terra cotta accents on the walls, tile roof, larger planters and terra-cotta walkways.

Image 3: Photoshop improvements include new paint, façade, freshened up landscaping, new tile roof and blue sky.

 “Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler, author

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