Here in the San Fernando Valley we have seen many businesses in the last few years cut down on their marketing and promotion budget due to economic stress. This is also true for the greater Los Angeles area so a question arises; is this the right action during tough economic times?

Let’s take a look at a usual example we have seen. The first thing to get cut is bulk mailers as postage may very well be the most expensive part of promotion. As a result the budget is lower but fewer new customers are coming in. After a while the business gets by financially as the budget is lower but now the overall income has also diminished due to lack of new customers.

The final result is a smaller business that somehow gets by.
What happens the next time there is a financial problem? The business goes under as now it no longer has enough resources to get itself out of trouble.

So what would have been the right solution? Don’t cut your marketing but promote smartly. After you get the word out and guarantee influx of future customers do cut down on unneeded expenses.

Here are some actions to consider:

  • Improve your current marketing to get a better return.
  • Find a printer that can take care of your printing at affordable prices.
  • Find someone that can has experience handling bulk rates to get you good prices.
  • Find additional ways to promote your business that might be less expensive, like through the internet.

Here at Clear Print we take care of all these actions in the greater Los Angeles area. Feel free to call us to find out how we can help you.

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