Is there a guaranteed way for your bulk mail to get a good Return on Investment (ROI)? Unfortunately not. But there are proven techniques which help assure one does get a good ROI on bulk mail also known as Standard Mail, junk mail, ad mail, self-mailers, circulars, envelope mailers, etc.

Bulk Mail Mailing Lists 

Unless you’re mailing to known prospects and customers only you’ll need a good mailing list. This can make or break a direct mail campaign.


The dictionary defines Demographics as “The characteristics of human populations and population segments, especially when used to identify consumer markets.”

This can include zip codes, household income, age bracket, married or single, children or none, empty nesters, college graduates, hobbies, sports, fields of interest, purchasing habits, health and fitness buffs and hundreds of other factors which can all be cross-referenced and filtered to construct the ideal list and zero in on your target audience.


Timing is often the most important factor of all for your bulk mail campaign. For example, if you’re selling furniture, decorating and painting or other home improvement services new homeowners are far more likely prospects than those who’ve lived in their homes a few years. Same goes for new parents, new car buyers, boat buyers, new business owners etc. As the old saying goes, “Timing is everything.”

Design and Copywriting

Design and Copywriting must work together so the images and words quickly communicate one clear message. These must attract the recipient’s attention in the fraction of a second it takes one to decide whether to read it or toss it. Then quickly deliver the message! The right imagery, headline and copy can do this even if your bulk mail piece is trashed. (After all, it is bulk mail!)


Never mail just once and expect a good ROI; you’ll be throwing money away. To impinge, mail the same message at least three times in closely spaced intervals (usually about 10 days to three weeks apart depending on the product or service).

Direct Mail Works now better than ever. Why? There’s a lot less clutter in the average mailbox than in years past; this is especially true of business bulk mail.

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