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  • Paper vs poly label liners

Paper vs Poly Label Liners – Which is Better?

One of the critical choices in purchasing product labels is the type of label liner, also called a release liner. Choosing paper when it should be poly, or vice versa, increases costs, delays packaging production, and hurts the bottom line.

There are two primary types of liners—paper liners and film liners. The most common film liners are also known as poly liners or PET liners.

So, which release liner is better, paper or film? There are several factors to consider.


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  • supply china issues with China

Folding Carton Supply Chain Issues with China – Today’s Risks and How to Avoid Them

One of the biggest risks to folding carton buyers is that a single link in their supply chain will break. Today, companies that rely heavily on vendors in China are facing late shipments, unreliable schedules, and astronomical shipping costs.

Here’s a look at how China has become a weak link in the supply chain, along with suggestions on how to overcome the risks and protect your company’s interests.


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What is Foiling / Foil Stamping?

Foiling, also called foil stamping, is a process where a heated die is used to fuse foil to paper. The foil comes in a variety of colors: gold, silver, metallic colors, pigment foils, holographic images, clear foil and more.

Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to further accent the foiling, if you desire.


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What is Die Cutting?

A die is a custom made tool (usually a steel blade) used to completely or partially cut, shape or cut-out a variety of shapes on a sheet of paper.

Die cutting is done after the sheets have been printed, and its purpose is to create a custom printed product.

Some examples of items that are die-cut are:


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  • product print packaging

Increase Sales With The Right Product Packaging & Labels

Morning-to-night business are selling products to consumers, and many of these consumers are deciding which product to buy based off the package or label on the bottle.

From hair care, skincare, cosmetics, vitamins and supplements, to cleaning products and more — many of the buying decisions are made based off the packaging your customer sees or feels.


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  • tradeshow banner

Tradeshow Banners and Custom Signs

There are many ways to dress a tradeshow booth to attract attention. Motorized scrolling tradeshow banners are an excellent way to accomplish this as the motion of the scrolling banner often attracts attention. Another advantage to using a revolving banner is that it provides more space for your message (typically three or four images can be displayed, each with their own message).


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