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  • product labels for bottles jars and components

Product Labels (Prime Labels) – a Guide to Labeling for Bottles, Jars and Components

Label printing for bottles, jars and components is a critical aspect of product packaging that plays a key role in attracting potential customers, conveying product information, increasing the perceived value of the product, and enhancing brand image.

There are several factors to consider when designing and printing labels for bottles, jars and components, including:


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  • sustainable product packaging strategies

The Latest Sustainable Product Packaging Strategies for eCommerce and Retail Brands

As a producer of paper board folding cartons (unit cartons) for both ecommerce and retail store brands, we watched the pandemic spark a huge rise in home deliveries from online shopping. Although ecommerce sales have leveled off, they show no sign of dropping back to pre-pandemic levels.

This continued growth in the need for packaging is prompting companies to think about how to make product packaging more sustainable.

Sellers today are implementing a number of packaging strategies to become more environmentally friendly.


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  • strategies for buyers of folding carton packaging

Strategies for Buyers of Folding Carton Packaging (Unit Cartons)

The purchase of printed folded cartons (unit cartons), displays, and product packaging is a significant expense for any retail business. Naturally, it’s important for buyers of folding cartons to make informed, cost-effective and efficient decisions to maximize their return on investment. Here are insider tips on how buyers can make the best buying decisions when it comes to printed folded cartons and product packaging.


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  • print finishes on folding cartons

Print Finishes on Folding Cartons – 16 Ways to Instantly Capture Consumer Attention

Retail displays and folding cartons that contain products are often a company’s first point of contact with the consumer. This means that the print finishes on folding cartons and folding display stands are a critical element in capturing consumer attention within seconds.

After all, if the consumer doesn’t stop to look, the product continues to languish on the shelf.


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  • Paper vs poly label liners

Paper vs Poly Label Liners – Which is Better?

One of the critical choices in purchasing product labels is the type of label liner, also called a release liner. Choosing paper when it should be poly, or vice versa, increases costs, delays packaging production, and hurts the bottom line.

There are two primary types of liners—paper liners and film liners. The most common film liners are also known as poly liners or PET liners.

So, which release liner is better, paper or film? There are several factors to consider.


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