Retail Packaging Designs

The quality of retail packaging and how it is designed, plays a vital role in the purchase decision. Here are a few features that can influence a purchase whether your product is sold in retail stores or online.

A. When it’s time to buy, consumers will evaluate your product based in part on the package. Good retail packaging can help make the sale and land your product in the shopping cart.

B. Unique folding carton shapes, structures and designs can help differentiate your product from the competition. With many competing products on the shelf or being sold online, good retail packaging must attract attention and show consumers the features and benefits of your product.

C. Keep it simple when communicating the value of your brand and product claims. Highlight what is compelling and believable about your product for effective differentiation.

D. Note that consumers don’t read packaging top-to-bottom but focus on the left and right corners. Thus, compelling features and claims should be put in these corners, while more lengthy content should be placed within the center of the panels. Strong images and fewer words are best, as consumers tend to zero in on visuals and then read copy to support what they see.

E. Paperboard folding cartons are ideal for packaging electronics, automobile after-market accessories, gift items, personal care, health and beauty, vitamins and supplements, energy bars, you name it. Because consumers want to see what they’re buying, these folding cartons can have die-cut windows to show off the merchandise inside. Below are drawings of some popular types of folding carton constructions for retail packaging.


Retail Packaging Style: STE/5H Box

Fifth Panel Hanger Box


Retail Packaging Style: STE/5TH/CAT box

Fifth Panel Hanger CAT Box

Both cartons above have panel hangers to hang on wall pegs or display on a shelf. The extra panel provides space for the selling message, too. These boxes can be either top-loaded or side-loaded.

Retail Packaging Style: STE/BS Box

Straight Tuck Book Style

Retail Packaging Style: RTE Folder Box

Reverse Tuck End Folder Tab Cover


Both of these above boxes are made of paper board and feature an extra panel to carry your message.

Retail Packaging Style: ANG R3S/DT Box

Roll Sides Display Top Tray

Retail Packaging Style: R2S/DT Box

Angle Roll Front and Sides Display Top


These versatile folding cartons are ideal for both shipping and displaying products. Fully closed when the merchandise is shipped, they open easily to display and sell the products inside. They’re popular for impulse purchases and food products such as health food snacks, protein bars, vitamins, etc.

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