Envelope Printing in CMYK, Black or PMS Colors


Samples of envelopes printed in CMYK, Black or PMS colors

There are two ways to print envelopes:
1. Print on ready-made, off-the-shelf envelopes.
2. Print flat press sheets and convert to envelopes.Printing on off-the-shelf envelopes is the fastest method and cheaper, too.

As envelopes printers, we specialize in printing the following on ready-made envelopes:
1. Your company logo & address
2. Full color CMYK image
3. PMS colors
4. Up to 5 colors (all registered) in one pass
5. Print your image all the way to the edge of the envelope. Called a bleed, usually this can only be accomplished if you print and then convert but we have the equipment to print bleeds on ready-made envelopes).

The other option for printed envelopes is to print flat press sheets and convert to envelopes.  Here are some cases where you would want to print and convert envelopes:
1. You have an image that wraps around from the front to the back of the envelope
2. You want to have something printed on the inside of the envelope.
3. You need a custom size envelope that can’t be purchased off-the-shelf.

No matter your needs, we can print your envelopes. 

If you’d like to see some samples of printed envelopes please call, email or stop by. We’re happy to go over your project, work out the best printing method and provide a quote. Located in Chatsworth, in the San Fernando Valley, we’re convenient to Burbank, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Simi Valley, Moorpark and all of greater Los Angeles. 818-709-1220 info@clearprint.com.

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  1. tammy cornejo says:

    i see you can print with PMS colors and can take some speciality orders. i wanted to see if you could work with a design that my client really likes. it’s a 2 color PMS design. however, one color is PMS 8901 (a metallic orange). is this a color you have? the other color is a PMS black. also, they would like a full bleed on the back flap (with that PMS 8901). is something you could handle. if so, how much would it be to print and what would be the minimum order size?

    thank you

    • Clear Print says:

      Hi Tammy,
      Yes, we can do this for you. Using PMS 8901 is not a problem at all. Bleeding the orange on the back flap is also doable. I’ll email you directly to go over envelope sizes and quantity.

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