Standard Mail (Bulk Mail): Difference Between Flats & Letters

Get the best postage rates by knowing the rules. The two most popular kinds of Standard Mail are “Flats” and “Letters.” Flats generally mail for $.553 each and Letters mail for approximately $.301 each. Greater postage discounts are available depending on the Zip Code concentrations of your mailing list. So […] Read more »

The Case for Direct Mail

Today’s Low Mail Volume = Opportunity With the overall economy still down and with so many companies moving their marketing efforts online, mail volume has dropped tremendously. The resulting empty mailboxes present a unique opportunity. While competition to get noticed in email in-boxes just keeps growing, a well-crafted direct mail […] Read more »

Postcards Printed Cheap

Postcards are one of the most affordable printed items and are available in a wide range of sizes, types of paper and coatings. The most common stocks are: 100lb Gloss Cover, 14 pt & 15 pt coated 2-side paper (aka C2S). But postcards can be printed on most any stock […] Read more »

Printing Announcement Envelopes

Announcement envelopes (also known as A-Style envelopes) were designed for use with matching text and cover papers. They typically have a square flap and can be purchased in a wide range of colors and textures. They’re often used for invitations, thank-you cards, personal and business stationery (to create a unique […] Read more »

Boost Direct Mail Response

            When sending out a direct mail piece in an envelope, here are three ways to increase the return on your investment without increasing your budget.  1. Use a font that resembles natural handwriting to address the recipient’s name and address. 2. Go one step […] Read more »

Business Promotion and the Economy

Here in the San Fernando Valley we have seen many businesses in the last few years cut down on their marketing and promotion budget due to economic stress. This is also true for the greater Los Angeles area so a question arises; is this the right action during tough economic […] Read more »

Print Provides a High ROI

A Marketing Association study showed that direct mail advertising gives businesses a remarkable 13 to 1 return on their investment, “ROI.”* And the Art Technology Group found that 60% of customers make purchases via printed catalogs at least four times each year.** Print on paper with a professional online presence […] Read more »